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Forms All of the application forms related to land development are listed below.

Application Fees The Common Council has established various review fees to cover the City's administrative costs. A check, made payable to the City of Washburn, should be included with your application.

Submittal Deadlines Some applications can be submitted at anytime. Others need to be submitted before a certain time, and determined to be complete, so they can be added to a meeting agenda. Because of that, you may want to submit your application before the deadline. That way, we can let you know if anything is missing and you'll have some time to perhaps get it done before the deadline.
Review Procedures Once an application is submitted, staff will review it to make sure it is complete. Once that determination has been made, it will be sent to the appropriate person or City body that has the authority to review it and render a decision. Depending on the type of application, there may be just a couple of steps in the process, or many. Check out the 
Procedures page, which describes each of the review procedures.

Pre-Application Meeting  Some of the review procedures require a pre-application meeting with staff to discuss what is being proposed, review submission requirements, and review the application and the review procedure.

Projects Requiring Multiple Reviews  Some projects will require a number of reviews. To the extent possible, we will try to schedule such reviews concurrently.

  1. Depending on the nature of the application, you may need to include supplemental materials. Be sure to include them with your submittal.
  2. Please take the time to provide the information that is requested. If your application is missing needed information, it could potentially delay the review of your application.

Questions If you have any questions or need any assistance in filling out a form, feel free to contact the City Administrator at (715) 373-6160 ext 4 or via e-mail.

Administrative Appeal

The City's zoning code provides a mechanism for a person to appeal an administrative decision made by the Zoning Administrator. After reviewing the matter, the Zoning Board of Appeals has the power to affirm, modify, or rescind the zoning administrator’s decision.

Conditional Use

Although each zoning district is primarily intended for a predominant type of land use, there are a number of uses that may be appropriate under certain conditions. These are referred to as “conditional uses” and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Conversion of a Nonconforming Use

If you own a property with a nonconforming use, it is possible to convert it to another nonconforming use with Common Council approval.

Determination of Navigability

Use this form if you believe a waterbody is incorrectly delineated as being navigable or if you believe a waterbody is navigable but is not delineated that way.

Expansion of Nonconforming Structure

Under the City's zoning regulations, a nonconforming building with a conforming use can be expanded provided the expansion complies with all requirements of the zoning code.

Registration of a Nonconforming Use

If you own a property with a nonconforming use, you may want to register it so there is no question about the nature of that use. This is especially important if you want to sell the property and the new owner would like to continue operating the nonconforming use. Registration of a use as a nonconforming use provides documentary evidence establishing (1) when the use was first established, (2) that the use at the time of establishment was done consistent with the rules and regulations in effect at the time, if any, (3) that it has continued continuously, without cessation of more than 12 continuous months, (4) and the nature of the use. 

Rural Structure Determination

The zoning administrator is authorized to designate certain existing accessory buildings as a “rural accessory building” in those zoning districts listed in Exhibit 8-1 of the zoning code. If a building is so designated, it is not counted towards the allowable number of accessory buildings permitted on a lot or towards the allowable building square footage permitted on a lot.

Special Exception

Upon written petition, the Common Council may, on a case-by-case basis, grant a special exception for those development standards specifically noted as special exceptions in the zoning code.


The City of Washburn Zoning Board of Appeals is authorized to issue a variance that allows a property owner to deviate from the established requirements on a case-by-case basis, provided (1) there is an unnecessary hardship, (2) there are unique property limitations, and (3) the public interest is protected. The Board can only issue a variance if the evidence demonstrates that the requested variance meets each of these requirements.

Wireless Telecommunication Mobile Service Facilities

Use this application for all types of commercial wireless telecommunication facilities.

Zoning Code Amendment (Text and Zoning Map)

Use this form if you would like the City to change the zoning code, which may involve a change to the text or map (a rezoning), or both.