Zoning Code | Sample Documents

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The City of Washburn has compiled templates of various documents that may be required or needed as part of the land development process in the City. The documents posted below are the ones that are currently available. You are free to use these model documents as you deem appropriate and are offered without warranty.

These documents may be periodically revised as laws and circumstances change. You may therefore want to contact the City Clerk to confirm whether a model you want to use is the most current version.

Posted documents may include model agreements (i.e., legally-binding contracts) between two or more parties. Some of these agreements are between adjoining property owners for example, while others may involve the City.

Agreements Involving the City
If an agreement is between a property owner and the City, the template provides the most current model the City deems acceptable. In this regard, the property owner must draft the agreement and submit it to the City for review. If you are drafting the agreement, you may modify the terms of a model in order to meet your specific needs. Please understand, however, that if you do not use the terms shown in a model, the municipal attorney will then have to spend more time reviewing the document you submit to ensure all aspects of the agreement are acceptable to the City. Finally, please recognize that the City may not enter into an agreement that does not comply with the minimum requirements established by the City.


Demolition Agreement

In certain circumstances, the zoning code allows a property owner to retain an existing single-family home while a new home is built on the property. This agreement is between the property owner and the City and establishes the terms of this approval to ensure the existing home is removed after the new home has been occupied.
Last updated: October 5, 2016

Encroachment Agreement

This agreement between adjoining property owners allows the continuation of an encroachment (e.g., my fence, or other structure, is actually on my neighbor's property).
Last updated: September 19, 2016

Letter of Credit

Use this template when drafting a letter or credit, which may be needed to secure the installation of private or public improvements.
Last updated: June 16, 2017

Public Safety Verification Letter

As more fully described in the zoning code, new development in the floodplain must meet various development standards. One of those standards require what is called dryland access (from outside of the floodplain to the parcel). If dryland access is not available, then the local emergency responders can sign off on a letter verifying that they will be able to provide emergency services to the parcel during a flood event.
Last updated: September 6, 2016