Zoning Code | Procedures

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Administrative Appeal Architectural Review Architectural review is required for most types of commercial and some types of industrial buildings. This review ensures that applicable design standards are met to encourage high-quality development. Code Amendment Conditional Use Although each zoning district is primarily intended for a predominant type of land use, there are some uses that may be appropriate under certain conditions. These are referred to as “conditional uses” and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Conversion of a Nonconforming Use Determination of Navigability Expansion of Nonconforming Structure Filling Permit (50 cubic yards or more) Floodplain Permit Plan of Operation A plan of operation review is conducted for many types of commercial and industrial land uses. The primary focus of this review is to evaluate how the business will be conducted and to avoid negative effects on surrounding properties. Planned Unit Development District Registration of Nonconforming Use Rural Accessory Building Determination Sign Permit Site Plan Site plan review is required for most commercial and industrial projects and for many conditional uses. The overall design of the site is the primary focus - the relationship of buildings to the site and other features, the flow of pedestrians and traffic within the project and beyond the borders of the project. Special Event Special Exception Termination of Approval Variance Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Starting in 2013, new rules were adopted for telecommunication facilities. Zoning Permit A zoning permit is required of most kinds of projects. When a zoning permit is required, all other required reviews must occur first. Zoning permits are reviewed by the zoning administrator.